Waste Not Paper
Available in CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT
Waste Not Paper makes what we use every day beautiful, creative and friendly to the world!
* Excluding Westchester County NY

Years ago the founder of Paper Source was on a mission to buy natural raffia ribbon. Only available in large quantities, she purchased the bulk ribbon and set out to sell smaller portions to other retailers. And thus, Waste Not Paper was born.

Founded on the simple idea that inspiring merchandise, distinctive designs and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.  The entire Waste Not Paper line is built on their palette of 40 exclusive colors. 

The majority of WNP paper is created domestically.  WNP works closely with mills and printers that practice responsible, sustainable forestry plus use renewable energy sources, including wind or hydro power.  WNP are eco-friendly from start to finish. They donate, reuse or recycle all of their scrap paper and have upgraded their packing materials to reduce waste and recycle whatever they cannot reuse.

WNP everyday line of notecards, bulk papers, wrap, bags and ribbon are exquisite.  Their holiday line -a joy!  Never before have such elegant & beautiful papers been created with such care and kindness to the environment.

If you're not carrying Waste Not Paper already - call today to schedule an appointment!  WNP will make your store more beautiful and your customers will love their colors, designs and selection.  Waste Not Paper is a breath of fresh air!